Kiisu Sushi (Yaletown)

Getting home at 9:15pm after two back-to-back sessions of yoga and having an empty fridge leaves little choice for lunch prep.  Having enough Yamato sushi leftover for CarnivorousH’s lunch didn’t help the matter much either.  So instead, I left for work lunchless which gave me unlimited lunch possibilities within the Yaletown area. 

After deliberating between BaoQi’s Vegan banh mi, Chez Faye Cafe’s Bi Bim Bap, Opa’s pita and hummus or Ganache Pattiserie’s Almond Croissant (none of which I’ve tried before) I decided to go for Kiisu Sushi’s Spicy Roll Combo. 

I love the Spicy Roll Combo at Ajisai in Kerrisdale and have been trying to find a closer alternative.  Though a lot of the fancier rolls appealed to me from Kiisu’s menu I decided I’d start off with the basics. 


Spicy Roll Combo – $8.95 ($10.02 w. tax)
spicy dynamite roll: One of my pet peeves for dynamite rolls is if  sushi chefs don’t bother using freshly fried shrimp.  Though the tempura shrimp was not as crunchy as I would have liked, at least it was still warm ^^ Other than that, nothing else really stood out.

spicy tuna roll: The tuna was very soft and tasted fresh.  The spice as not too overpowering and you can really start to feel the kick after a few bites

spicy salmon roll: Very much the same as the spicy tuna.  In fact, they almost looked identical.  The only thing was, I could smell the salmon and I felt like I was tasting a bit of salmon.  It wasn’t until I pulled out the fish that I could see the very pale orange hinting that it was indeed salmon.  

complimentary miso soup: Very flat flavor – other than the miso paste flavor I didn’t taste much else (ie. stock).  That being said, at least it wasn’t from powder ^^

Overall, not bad. The rice was a little tiny bit to the hard side and perhaps they used the rice vinegar a little too sparingly. But its only noticable if you choose to notice it.

likelihood of revisiting: 80%
culinary mindset: casual upbeat atmosphere – very reasonably priced for yaletown standards

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