Is it mine? Or was it there from the get go?

One of the questions I HATE answering…

Anyways, on to the food:

In one simple word: bland

I do, however, have to give props to the hash. Nicely crisp and not too oily. The eggs on the other hand were Disappointing, flavorless and made w some kind of contraption intended for idiots. The eggs in the Benedict were oddly watery (and no I dont mean the yolk) the hollandaise was uninspiring and a little too thick. The scrambled egg reminded me of mcdonalds which makes me question the authenticity of the “egg”

My toast was cold but otherwise ok.

I dont normally use ketchup but after CarnivorousH’s praise I decided to try the seemingly non processed ketchup – reminds me of tomato paste. But for someone who likes ketchup it’s pretty good.

Likelihood of revisiting: 0%
culinary mindset: casual, bang for buck without the bang

– C.Herb –
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Compare to Breakfast Elsewhere

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Location:E 7th Ave,Vancouver,Canada

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