Lattes and Macchiatos at gene

I’ve been wanting to try this place for ages and being so close after a bland Brekkie from NiceCafe how could we pass it up.

After waiting 5 min in a barely moving line I’m really hoping it’s worth the wait.

Their menu sports $5.50 Croissant breakfasts which seem to be quite popular and drinks ranging from $2.5 to $4.25

Now 10 min in (and we still haven’t ordered yet) I’m getting sleepy …

With only one barista manning the machines and cashier the wait is long. Giving the benefit of the doubt at least it seems like he respects the coffee and his role taking his sweet ass time to make what better be damn good coffee.

15 min in and we have ordered but is still waiting. The biscotti’s look amazing but after taking a look at out bellies we thought “next time”

The wait is over!

The first sip of my soy latte was pleasantly bitter and strong. Subsequent sips proved sweeter and smooth. Now it’s mellowed out a bit with an acidic afternote.
All-in-all not bad. Is it worth the 20 min wait? Meh.

The macchiato was much more intense in flavor and has the same feel as cafe artigiano. This is the second time CarnivorousH has tried their macchiato and claims the male barista is much better than the female.

Likelihood of revisiting: 75%
Culinary mindset: respect the coffee and your customers will respect you… hopefully

– C.Herb –
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Compare to Lattes Elseswhere

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Location:E 7th Ave,Vancouver,Canada

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