Oishii Sushi leaves us speechless

While there was technically nothing wrong with our meal something about just doesn’t sit quite right with us. The balance in flavor and ingredients was just a bit off and while not completely amateurish not quite matured either.


The level of shine on eat piece of nigiri sushi varied quite a bit which makes you question either the skill and/or freshness.  The fish was cut a tad too thinly for the amount of rice given and the type of fish served did not reflect the “deluxe” label they gave it nor the $18 price tag. 

The tempura shrimp was crunchy albeit cold in the tempura roll and warm but slightly soggy in the sunshine roll.  The tempura roll was probably the best item of the night.  The romaine was crunchy and they didn’t skimp on the avocado. 

The sunshine roll had an interesting combination of ingredients where each distinct flavor stood out individually but didn’t quite work together (most notably, the mango and smoked salmon).  The basil and special sauce (though I didn’t really taste basil?) was quite watery so my rice ended up being drenched. 

When asked how the food was, I only mentioned a slight imbalance in flavor and the waitress quickly told me that one of their customers only order sunshine rolls for take out., but their spider rolls are much more popular.  A little defensive no?  But the service was actually pretty good.  Our tea was re-filled consistently and all the waitresses had a pleasant manner. 

We had a groupon so that lessoned the blow but in the long run the meal was still $32 (with tip).  ><  

Likelihood of revisiting: 15%
Culinary mindset: it’s always good to try things at least once

– C.Herb –
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