Tokyo Miyako (Davie): “Wait for it… Just a bit more… More… More… Ohyougottabekiddingme!!”

Tried it once before – left unimpressed but since this is one of Rudy’s favorite Japanese we decided to give it another go (11-Feb-2011)

Waiting for to food was absolutely dreadful especially when starving and low on energy. The staff also has limited English so communicating beyond the basic menu items was tedious though entertaining enough for me. Carn.H wanted the coke he had ordered with his combo, but the secondary waitress had no idea what he was talking about. After a minute of painful communication, I intervened w cantonese which seemed to do the trick. Until the primary waitress wanted to make sure we knew the coke was at an additional cost (you can “upgrade” the combo w. Pop or beer). Which we already knew when he ordered it the first time.

When our food finally came we were quite impressed w. the proportions considering the cheap price tag.

My $6 roll combo (spicy tuna, California and tuna roll) was a lot better than I expected.

CarnH got the dinner special which had tuna and salmon sashimi, nigiri, California roll and a coke (all for $8)

Rudy got a specialty roll, agedashi tofu, seaweed salad and a miso soup (soup was from my combo).

Since our combos took forever we were initially picking on Rudy’s food. The sauce for the agedashi tofu was served on the side so the nicely battered tofu remained crunchy albeit tasteless so you had to drown it in sauce regardless. The roll was good but the flavor was over powering after a while, much like my spicy tuna roll.

The rolls were good, given the price – the fish is nicely chill if that’s what you prefer and the rice just a tad too moist.  Was it worth the wait?  Probably not.  But at least I wasn’t regretting it. 

Likelihood of revisiting: 33.33% (yamato is just too close by, being a door or two down)
Culinary mindset: cheap food with actual seating

– C.Herb –
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Location:Tokyo Miyako – Davie St

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