Lotus Sesame Ball at Tung Hing Bakery

Our favorite place for viet subs! While not the most gourmet of meats the bread is always crunchy fresh and their veggies crisp and acidic. My fav is the lemon grass chicken (though they have over salted the chicken on occasion) and the house special.

As usual, they sold out of the chicken (it’s usually all gone by 3pm) so I got a lotus sesame ball instead.

While I love their subs I’m always weary of the baked Chinese/Vietnamese “pastries”. I’ve tried their sponge cakes, egg tarts, taro buns etc. but it’s not exactly where they excel in. Oddly enough, their custard cream bun (a flat variety, twice the length of a reg bun) is really good.

Anyways, back to the lotus sesame ball.

A tad oily, just like they’re meant to be, a nice crunchy shell. A gooey exterior that wasn’t too solid or too mushy and q lovely creamy center that wasn’t too sweet. All-in-all a great sesame ball.
☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

– C.Herb –
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