Pure Coffee House

Smooth mild coffee taste.

After being outside on a cold day like today, nothing beats a steaming hot (anything). In this case it’s a smooth soy latte from Pure Coffee House on the corner of Cambie and Robson. I have been wanting to try this cafe ever since reading that they won a barista competition some time ago.

The latte itself is very tasty and reminds me of a malty ovaltine drink rather than an espresso like drink – not that I’m really complaining.

The foam had more of the caffeinated flavor you would expect and had a thicker consistency than most. Almost like a very delicate whipped cream.

The one thing I would comment about is the lack of pricing on the menu. In total my medium soy latte came to $5.06 which is average, a little on the higher side. But I always like to know the $ before placing any order.

– C.Herb –
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Compare to Lattes Elsewhere

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Location:Robson St,Vancouver,Canada


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