Bonchaz Brunch

Coffee – $1.70

The Heart Attack Savory Bonchaz came with bacon and brie for $3.95

While I had hoped it came with a more Bonchaz like bun, it came with an oversized dinner roll. It was still really soft and fresh, just not what I was expecting. The cheese was perfectly melted but had a processed flavor and texture. I was still able to enjoy it until Carn.H mentioned McCains pizza pocket.

Sausage roll – ~1.95

The filling was well flavored but dry and the dough was that “mushy” texture you usually get from not waiting for your pastry dough to defrost properly before sticking it into the oven. Given the amount of food we ordered we doggie bagged this one for later.

Traditional Brekkie 4.95

Probably the highlight of our meal. It came with two pillowy soft, buttered toast. Two eggs, cooked perfectly, two breakfast sausages that were light and fluffy with a “poppy” skin. With pan fried potatoes and tomatoes on the side. Everything was made fresh and served hot.

Which shouldn’t surprise me, with 4-5 people working in the open kitchen and the dining area unfilled when we first walked in.

Carn.H didn’t know what I meant by Bonchaz style buns so we ordered an original Bonchaz ($1.25) as dessert.

It wasn’t fresh out of the oven, like when I first tried them on their opening day, but still warm after they reheated it. The original Bonchaz had a nice sweet hard topping sprinkled with powdered sugar and a buttery bread inside. Resembling a cross between a cinnamon bun and a “muk sai gor” (Mexican?) Chinese bun. It was quite good till it cooled off a bit and I could really taste the heavily buttered inside leaving me thirsty and in need of hydration.

They also had a sandwich menu that ranged from 4-6 dollars and for another dollar (or was it two?) you can upgrade it to a soup combo.

Likelihood of revisiting: 70%
culinary mindset: breakfast, lunch, coffee break or just snacking.

– C.Herb –
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Location:Hastings St, Vancouver


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