Everything Basil

Today was Basil Day or rather, CarnivorousH’s Birthday (03/03/xxxx). The original plan was a simple shrimp pasta dinner and a dinner out at Mis Truco’s on Friday night (two 6 course tasting dinners – we can’t wait ^^). A shrimp pasta’s good, but not exactly “special” so I was trying to plan a 3 course meal of a sorts when this morning he got a text from his best man who happens to have the exact same birth date. HIS g/f is taking him to Disneyland. So, given that this is within their first year of going out I’m sure they are in a more lovely dovey stage than our 7 years and almost 3 months. But still feeling a little “outshown” I decided to go all out with a basil themed dinner extravaganza.


To start, was a Basil Martini with some Parmesan Honey Walnuts snackings


Next, was the bruschetta


Then Zucchini Boats w. Ricotta-Basil Mousse


For the main, we had Garlicky Shrimp Pasta garnished w. Basil

And for dessert Tropical Basil Chocolate Truffles ^^

Since I was infusing basil with coconut milk anyways, I decided to make some Basil Coconut Panna Cotta but they won’t be ready till tomorrow >< “boo-urns”

And to end the perfect basil…er… I mean, BIRTHDAY, a second Basil Martini ^^



*** recipes to come ***


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