Mis Truco’s was a hit and a “mis”

Mis Truco’s did a great job in creating ambience, ok job in staff choice and an inconsistent menu

We were fairly impressed with the first two of our six course tapa dinner. But from there it just went downhill…

The Ahi tuna crostini w. creme fraiche was zesty, spicy and packed full of flavor.

The Shrimp spring roll (?) w. aioli had a nice crunchy exterior with a middle layer of sponge-y pancake-y texture and larger baby shrimps inside. The aioli reminded me if an acidic mayo and paired well.

Next was the Squid w chickpea and spinach and spicy tomato sauce.

The ingredients were cooked perfectly and the sauce quite flavorful, like chili oil infused w tomato flavor and depth. Unfortunately, the seasoning was splotchy resulting in some bites being more salty than others. The plating as well was a bit sloppy/inconsistent. My dish was not picture worthy and had 2 squid pieces vs his 5.

If we were in a school cafeteria where u get what your scooped… fine. But tapas, not so much.

Then came the Wild mushroom risotto w truffle and creme fraiche

I’ve never had truffle on it’s own or risotto so I can’t be a judge on flavor and execution but I wasn’t a fan.

The risotto had a strong mushroom soup flavor with a prominent cheesey undertone without the cheese taste (sort of like overcooked wine) as well as a strong butter presence, but the bad residual taste of butter.

The rice was more congee like than paella like but I have no idea which risotto should be more like

Our “main” was a Strip loin w Red wine jus and devils egg

This came with 5 slices of dry dry beef (overcooked ends and all) and my dish had all the end pieces of Yukon gold while he had nice slices from the center. The wine jus was watered down by spinach and was oily

Both this dish and the risotto had a layer of film hinting at the minutes spent under a heating lamp

Lastly, was Vanilla coffee sponge w. dulce de leche and vanilla whip cream

First impressions: it looked huge in comparison to the previous courses and they were too lazy to perfect their cornelles and decided to hide the fact with strawberries

The chocolate wasn’t tempered properly so had a bendy nature.
(vid to come)

On the plus side: The sponge was very moist and the flavors were good – just not what they advertised

Likelihood of revisiting: 20%
Culinary mindset: good ambience

– C.Herb –
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Location:Burnaby St,Vancouver,Canada


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