Angel Cake Cafe

Pro’s: cheap Brekkie, very tasty French toast and lots of food for $5.50

Con’s: wait time and untoasted eggo waffle “waffles” (sorry he ate it b4 I could take a pic lol!)

Very standard HK style breakfast – not much to complain and not much to rave about.

French toast & shrimp mushroom omelette.

Fish ball vermicelli soup.

The above PLUS a milk tea was only $5.50!

Also at our table was:

Luncheon meat spaghetti in soup

Spicy pork and spaghetti in soup x 2

For their seconds was an array of sausage and eggs (sorry for the lack of pictures, I was too busy asking for my liquidy omelette to be cooked a little more)

Likelihood of revisiting: 75% (mostly based on the french toast ^^)
Culinary mindset: hk style cafe – ’nuff said

– C.Herb –
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Compare to Breafast Elsewhere

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Angel Cake Cafe on Urbanspoon

Location:Fraser St


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