Duck BLT from the Cactus Club

Bbq duck, pan seared chicken, crisp prosciutto on pecan fruit bread (~$14 or ~$16 ?)

I’m used to Chinese style roasted duck but the Cactus Club’s roast-beef-like roasted duck was a welcome change. Full of flavor, sliced and most importantly not dry.

The chicken on the other hand was fairly bland albeit cooked perfectly.

My one complaint would be the quick-to-sog bottom slice of the bread. Otherwise the hits of sweetness from the fruit and the texture and crunch of the pecans went very nicely with the duck.

The BBQ sauce was also spread unevenly but I couldn’t decide whether it was better with or without so I can’t say that that was a bad thing.

The yam fries were “good”. Not too oily, crisp ends but soft centers.

I also had the wu-tangtini (martini) which was not bad. It actually tasted like lychee.

Likelihood of revisiting: 50%
culinary mindset: earl’s type lounge-y atmosphere

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– C.Herb –
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