DIY invites are a Success! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆


It took us a while to decide on the design of our wedding invitations.  My parents, being very much the traditional Chinese parents that they are, wanted to have the basic red and gold invitations that don’t vary too much from each other.  This would have been our default choice but I didn’t want to make any more “by default” wedding choices.

Regardless, we checked out a few Chinese Wedding sites and went to a few Chinese print shops and didn’t really see anything we wanted.  We also checked out a few Wedding stores for more modern, non-Chinese styles.

Still, we didn’t quite find what we wanted that was within a reasonable price range.  A simple card ($1.5-$3) reminded us too much of regular birthday-type cards and the fancy 3 fold/pocket book cards were getting a little generic as well.  Not to mention, they were about double what I wanted to spend.

I wanted to keep within a $3 per invite budget with out sacrificing style or paper quality. 

When we visited wedding things, we saw 3 styles of invitations that we were interested in but they were all a bit over budget.  One, is what we based our invites off of.  They were about $4-$5 per and only came in a brown and blue color scheme.  So as much as we liked the style the color was quite a bit off from our burgundy/wine and lime-green colors. 

It seemed like a simple enough design so we went hunting for papers and seeing how much it would cost to do it ourselves.  While the colors we chose are not “our wedding colors” per say, we feel that they are a great accent for our colors and we are quite pleased with the results. 

Unfortunately, my dad being the traditionalist, did not feel the combination of black, pearly white, silver and a lovely pastel-ish green were very good wedding colors so he requested that we find some different colors for “his” set of invitations to his friends and family.

Fortunately for him, his birthday is coming up so we were willing to concede.

So we spent the weekend paper shopping going from one end of the city to the other and back.  The resulting product is much better than we had imagined.  While we still like our original color combination and paper choice but this more than exceeded our expectations, aesthetically speaking.    

To complete our invites, I’m now in the process of hunting down the “right” mailing envelopes which is turning out to be more tedious than I originally thought – especially since invitation sized envelopes are not readily available on its own. 

After going through a few sources I have a few options:

1) buy online from who has the best prices and choice so far – as long as I don’t mind waiting who knows how long for ground shipping.  I’d normally go for this choice except I’m in Vancouver and I need to get them to our parents in Calgary … doubling up on shipping costs seems like a redundant waste of money ><

2) buy plain white ones from Coast Papers (500 for $81.72 is not bad) – which I can pick up in either Vancouver or Calgary

3) drive to New West and buy pretty metallic Stardream evelopes for $0.34 each or in other words $53.69 for 160 envelopes – I only need 150 but I’m accounting for mistakes

Envelopes shouldn’t require this much thought and effort should it??

 – C.Herb –


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