Starbucks Petite’s – Cake Pops vs. Cake Balls

For Starbucks 40th they are giving away their new Petite’s with any drink purchase between 2-5 on Mar 10 – Mar 12
… Most look deathly sweet but I guess that’s what dessert is 🙂

Upon reading this, I’m glad I didn’t decide to make cake pops (or in my case – cake balls) for my wedding “cake” since the idea is become more and more common.

I love cake and I wanted something unique for my wedding so I experimented with cheese cake “balls” back in August

If you look online, most recipes suggest a simple boxed vanilla cake mix – since I was experimenting for my wedding I decided to make a cheesecake sponge from scratch. Which was quite good on it’s own (^_−)−☆

As the cake was cooling i made my flavors. I simply mixed cream cheese with jam until i got the sweetness and consistency I wanted. I made one version apricot and the other strawberry. Afterwards, I crumbled up the cake, mixed with respective cream cheese mixes and balled them up. Balling took a while and if your gloves don’t fit properly it takes even longer ><

Once everything was balled, I microwave-melted some chocolate chips and drizzled my flower patterns on top.

While tasty in a mundane way, they weren’t spectacular. The look and texture was what made it unique.

I decided not to use this idea b/c the time and effort put in did not yield the right feel for a wedding. And I’d be stupidly adding on unneeded stress before the wedding lol!

I also tried to make the cake pop version, but these fell short for various reasons:

1) My “balls” were too big/heavy so they slid down the stick

2) My chocolate coating was way too much (ergo sweet) for the amount of cake that could stay on the stick

*I’ll post pics of the failures if I can find them ^^*

– C.Herb –
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