Korea Plaza

After visiting the Paper Poet in New West we decided to head north towards Burquitlam.

I had recently read about Myung Dal Kal Gook Soo’s knife cut noodles and there’s just something about Korean food court style dishes that leave you satisfied.  I think it’s that homey comfort you have after a meal cooked by “mom”.

Through the rain and the cars, we had a bit of trouble finding this place. They are located on the first floor of Korea Plaza, to the left of Hannam Supermarket. As we made our way towards the entrance, we spotted a food stand serving Korean tai-yaki   —  I quickly made a mental note for an after-meal snack ^^

Once inside, we decided to order the Wang-Man-Doo and Karl-Gook-Soo … the two items that drew us to this location.   We were also tempted to get the dol-sot-bi-bim-bap for comparison sake and  the yuk-gae-jang since it looked super tasty (like a spicy chigae).  But that would have made us over-eating gluttons.

As we were waiting for our order, I noticed that they prep the kimchi sides beforehand, leaving it to sit for 5-10 minutes on the counter top.  I don’t think this is such a good idea since it is a high traffic area, both for customers and dirty dishes   ><

When we finally got our order, we felt the highlight of this the noodle soup was the broth rather than the noodles. It was the milky bone soup type, very tasty and felt “nurtritious”. The noodles, while good, were nothing overly special.  The kimchi was a little more to the garlicky side but had a good flavor.

On each table, was a container of mildly spicy soy sauce that paired well with both the noodles and the mandu.

The mandu’s were meatball sized and served simply with no garnishings, other than a dish of soy sauce.

As stated by Foodology, they are packed full of meat but there was enough veggies to keep the meat moist. The skin had a good thinness to them and I’m pretty sure they are made from the same dough, or a close variant of, the noodle dough.

Our bill came to $20 after tip so it was quite pricey for what it was but not overly pricey for a meal out.

Likelihood of revisiting: 10% (since I’d like to explore the area a bit better first)
Culinary mindset: comfort food

Myoung Dong Khal Kook Soo on Urbanspoon

We were so full afterwards that I forgot about the foodstall only 2 meters away…  That is, until I saw it again.

Everything on the menu was only a dollar and while the selection was limited there were both savory and sweet options.  When I worked in Shinjuku, Tokyo there was this taiyaki stand I would always visit.  So no matter how full I was, I made room ^^

The shape was not very well defined, you might even say “gimped”, but you should never ever judge a book by it’s cover.  Or a wine by it’s label for that matter (the pretty ones are usually mediocre ><)

For me, taiyaki is meant to be sweet so I chose the custard filling.  The custard was creamy and more on the liquidy side, being freshly “toasted”.  It wasn’t overly sweet which was nice.

And the exterior was a waffle-ey, glutenous soft texture with a nice outer crunch.  So while it’s shape was not the best, I give the taste, texture and freshness and A+ ^^

I would almost make the 30-45 min drive just for this 5 bite snack-y-good-ness.

(No guarantees when it’s cooled down though.. gotta eat it fresh!)

Since we rarely, if ever, drive to this area we also ordered a savory veggie pancake.  The dough reminded me of a (Chinese) green onion pan cake’s dough with the filling of “foo pay goon” (a dim sum dish of pan fried bean curd sheets filled with purple mushrooms, bamboo shoots and the like). This was super tasty crunchy when we first took a bite.  After it cooled down, it was “just ok”

Likelihood of revisiting: 80%
Culinary mindset: snack

As you might have guessed from the bg, we also visited Hannam Supermarket just next door. Their produce is much fresher than that of H-mart, located in downtown Vancouver, and they seem to have a greater variety of products.

Similar to H-Mart they sell their side dishes at a discounted price when you buy a certain # of packages.  The weekend promo was 3+1 side dishes for $9.99.

We chose the following 4:

The Fish cake was very doughy and was coated by the sauce rather than absorbing its flavor.  The mushrooms were a nice addition, however, I wouldn’t get this again.

The baby shrimps were spicy and sweet with a nice crunch. A little odd at first but it really grows on you.

The thinly shredded squid had a firm chewy texture and is a little more on the savory side. While quite good on it’s own I feel it would make a good topping and/or filling.

The thicker sliced squid was sweet yet savory, and had an almost gelatinous texture. Very noodle like and my favorite of the four (^∇^)

btw.  the mug in the bg clearly lists out a man’s rights ^^  (j/k)

We also bought:

Wild garlic, which will be experimented with Parmesan in a foccacia bread

Honey powder which I’m sure I will find some use for (^_−)−☆

Fuji apples


and some other fish LOL~

– C.Herb –
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