* Croooooak *

So that “other fish” we bought at Hannam Supermarket turned out to be two medium sized yellow croakers. After a quick google search for related recipes, deep fried with sweet and sour sauce (a Chinese dish) seemed to be the way to go.   However, I didn’t feel like deep frying or sweet and sour so I moved on.

After flipping through a few more sites, I finally remembered a recipe that I like to use for tofu. Years ago, we tried a very simple tofu appetizer in a Japanese restaurant (in Calgary) and I was able to easily replicate it.

As I got more into Korean cooking, I realized that many ban-chans (Korean side dishes) use this simple “technique”.

If you haven’t already recognized the dish, it’s a simple pan fry with egg. All you do is take your ingredient of choice => coat with flour => dip in egg and pan fry.

Some prep work may be needed depending on your ingredient. In the case of the tofu, you probably want to drain out the liquid and cut into 1/4 inch slices before proceeding.

In this case, filleting and “sizing” the fish makes the pan frying easier and ensures it’s properly cooked.

Here’s the step-by-step:

After filleting and slicing the yellow croaker into 1.25 inch cuts, I set them to dry between two sheets of bounty.

Then I lightly coated with flour (depending on preference, seasoning the flour here for additional flavor is also an option)

And dipped into my egg mixture (simply whisk two eggs)

Then I pan fried the fish in seaparate batches – on a lightly oiled non stick pan, over medium heat, till cooked. If you like your fish to be crispier, keep the lid off and cook for longer. If you like a softer coating, cover and let it “steam” for more even cooking.

Lastly,  I plated up and served with my choice of dipping sauce.

I decided to make a garlic, japanese pepper, chili soy sauce to pair with the croakers. But just about any savory sauce will do.

Likelihood of re-cooking: 100%  
Culinary mindset: good for any time of day (snack, banchan, with or without rice)

The fish was still very moist and had a silky smooth texture.  There were a few bones that I couldn’t get out during the filleting process but they were soft enough to be considered harmless and large enough to pick out before swallowing.  And as an additional bonus, this dish pairs surprisingly well with Reisling ^^

– C.Herb –
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