Wild Garlic Foccacia

We’re always on the look out for new and intriguing ingredients we have never eaten or tried to cook with before.  During our visit at Hannam Supermarket, Carn.H spotted some wild garlic.  I’m not really into garlic, onions, peppers and the like but I’m slowly learning to appreciate them.

Not being overly pricey, we decided to pick up a package.  Although I must admit, I don’t know what the normal market price is.

After giving it a good rinse it became a fairly tangled mess.

Following the recipe I found online, I started to shred some of the green parts the best I could since finely slicing seemed impossible.  I soon gave up and simply chopped it the way  you would with green onions.  Looking again at the webpage, I now realize that the wild garlic they used must have been huge compared to the ones we got.

Regardless, I think our  foccacia turned out quite nicely.   

For the dough, the recipe suggessted 3 cups of flour, 1tsp of salt, 2 level tsp of easy mix yeast, 3 tbsp of olive oil and 2 cups of warm water. 

I like how the steps were simplified to :

1) mix your dry ingredients

2) add the liquids

3) knead

However, my dough ended up much too soft and almost impossible to knead.  I had to add another cup or so of flour before reaching a good consistency. 

Before leaving the dough to rise, I coated the bowl a thin layer of olive oil.  I find this gives the crust a nice “crunch” by the time it’s done baking.  After waiting 2 hours, the dough more than doubled in size.

We ended up with two huge foccacia’s. 

One I topped with the shredded wild garlic, s&p and parmesan.

And the same, with the second foccacia, only with the “close-to-minced” wild garlic. 

After being left to rise for another 40 minutes, they were finally placed into the oven (preheated to 435 degrees farenheight) and left to bake for 30 minutes. 

The focaccia’s were too big to fit onto one pan and my pans were too large to both fit onto one rack.  So while the foccacia on the top rack baked perfectly, the one on bottom rack wasn’t as nicely toasted on the top. 

This one was left in the oven for another 10 minutes resulting in a pizza like outer crust and a soft bread like center.

The foccacia had a very pillowly soft yet plain center.  I normally add a layer of cheese or some sort of stuffing to liven up my foccacia’s.  But I wanted to see how the wild garlic would taste on it’s own.  It had a gentler flavor than that of regular garlic and a stronger flavor than that of green onions but it wasn’t all that different or unique.  So while it has a nice aroma and subtle flavor differences I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy this ingredient. 

Likelihood of re-baking: 50%
Culinary mindset: great sauce sponge

Due to the lack of oven space, I wasn’t able to bake my curry chicken until much later, so we ended up eating the foccacia with a balsamic and olive oil dip.  This wasn’t the greated of combinations, but something about bread fresh out of the oven makes it irresistable. 

I regretted this later because the gravy like curry sauce from the chicken paired amazing well with the foccacia.    

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