I plan on making a mackerel chigae, so what better to pair them with than kimchi kimbob’s? (we’re pigs I know!)

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Kimbob e Ramyun is a food court like restaurant that caters mostly to international students from Korea. I discovered this little shop a little more than a year ago and for whatever reason, haven’t been back since summer.

Most people are familiar with sushi. But not so much their Korean counterpart – kimbaps! These savory bites are coated with sesame oil and come with a variety of fillings. Usually preserved veggie, cooked meat and tamago (sweetened egg omelette) – sounds like futomaki doesn’t it? But futomaki’s vegetarian and has that pink sweetened fish.  Our favorite from Kimbob e Ramyun is their kimchi flavored kimbobs since we find the others a bit plain. As you can probably guess – they also sell ramyun aka. instant noodle ^^ We stock up on the same brand at home so we haven’t tried theirs yet.

Ranging from $4-$6 these rolls also come with a bowl of soup (fish stock?).


I think I know why the girl behind the counter wasn’t too pleased with me when she passed me my order… I ordered two kimchi kimbobs through her and when I paid, the man behind the teller said sth sth kimchi kimbob and I said “yup”… and he turned to say something to her that I couldn’t quite catch…

As a result, what I ended up with, weren’t kimchi kimbobs… *pouts*

Still tastes good though… ‘cept for, what I’m assuming to be canned tuna, was a little on the dry side and the ham was a little… sinuey (can I used this term to describe foods that aren’t fish?) ..  But now I remember why I used to order the vegetarian version ^^

Likelihood of re-visiting: 50%
Culinary mindset: Quick and Cheap

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Location:W Hastings St,Vancouver,Canada


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