New Novelty Restaurant and Sweets

I’ve never had Indian dessert before so these dense timbit-like dough balls soaked in a honey liquid were different.

I think it’s best to describe them as dense sponge cake balls that have been deep fried/baked and soaked in a baklava like honey liquid. Having said that, I’d choose a fluffy slice of sponge cake, a piece of baklava or a timbit over this any day. Not that it tastes bad or anything, just not my cup of tea – though I’m sure it’d go great with tea

Whats the difference between the two? Not much – I think the dark brown one has just been fried for longer since it has a bit of a bitter edge to it.

Likelihood of visiting: 75% (These desserts were brought in the office by G)
Culinary mindset: “Sugar, ah, honey, honey. You are my candy girl. And you’ve got me wanting you. Honey, ah, sugar, sugar. You are my candy girl. And you’ve got me wanting you …”

While these desserts didn’t make me crave for more, I do want to check out the rest of the dessert section – and – I heard that they have some tasty buttered chicken specials ^^

– C.Herb –
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