One Hundred Nights

Located on the main floor of Opus Hotel, I automatically assumed 100 Nights to be fairly pricey.

But their lunch menu was quite reasonable, albeit limited.

I got a grapefruite martini ($9) which has an actual name, much more exotic than the one I have given it.  It was nice, fruity and not too alcoholic tasting.

I was going to order the Tuna Burger until the waitress told us about the day’s special which correspond with “The 22”.  G wasn’t interested but the waitress was nice enough to accomodate me.

Between a choice of Cream of Parsnip Soup or ___ Salad I went for the soup.  It was creamy and not overly seasoned with hits of coarsely ground pepper.

Not wanting too many carbs (pasta opt), I went for the open-faced(?) tuna sandwich, which was an acidicly dressed tuna salad with diced tomatoes, green onions and what looked like to be mini rainbow peppercorn (a little larger than the size of poppy seeds).  It was taosted with a cheese that I assume to be mozza and came with a simple side salad. The taste was interesting, I’m pretty sure I liked the acidity but the tuna reminded me too much of canned tuna even though I knew it was made from fresh or relatively fresh fish.

I don’t eat green onions and I don’t mind taking the time to pick them out of my food, so G was slightly amused, watching me pick out each and every green onion from the mix.  ^^

G ordered the Beets & Buffalo Ricotta Cheese ($10) as his app – I wish I had snapped a picture b/c it looked super tasty – Thick slices of red and yellow salt roasted beets, aged sherry and toasted hazlenuts.  Topped with a thick slice of ricotta.

He also ordered the Tuna Burger ($13) – albacore tuna fillet, bbq sauce, chipotle cream corn, watercress – which came with a side of fries and salad.

Likelihood of revisiting: 50% (While I liked the flavors, nothing blew me away) 
Culinary mindset: Good solid lunch

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– C.Herb –
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Location:Davie St,Vancouver,Canada


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