Semi-Ghetto Morning Coffee v.2

I apologize for the spamming of, essentially, one image, I just thought the color change was kind of cool … I’m not lame, I swear!(−_−;)

Coconut milk is one of those ingredients I usually reserve for cooking, typically curry.  And it usually comes out of a can. So for $5 or $6 I thought this was pretty pricey compared to the $2-$4 I usually pay.

Being the Asian I am, the sale tag of 2/$6 at Choices immediately caught my eye even though I don’t usually shop in the organic drinks area.  Although the So Nice Vanilla Soy has become a bit of a staple starting from a month or so ago.   

The verdict:  The coconut milk has a very gelatenous “full” body – and that gelatine flavor (possibly from the guar gum) is quite strong.   I’d like to say that the actual flavor of this product is closer to coconut water than it is to the creamier canned coconut milk, but I haven’t had coconut water for a long time, to say so confidently. 

A little “off” when paired with coffee…the gelanteous feel was interesting at first but not really what you want in your cup of joe.   I had ratio of 4:1 (coconut milk:super concentrated Starbucks via) and the coconut “milk” overpowered the coffee to the point I would just call this coffee flavored coconut milk.

It also left some residue, but that’s typical of coconut milk or coconut cream.

Semi-Ghetto Morning Coffee v.1 was MUCH more successful ^^

Likelihood of re-making: 50% (change up the ratio and maybe add some more flavors)
Culinary mindset: Experimentation

– C.Herb –
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