Spicy Combo ($9.99)

Pacific Combo ($11.99)

Ever heard of the saying where you can never get too much of a good thing?  It’s true.  For the most part.  The only problem is when the good thing becomes a mundane thing.  People adapt and so do their taste buds. 

The Spicy Combo is my staple whenever I visit Ajisai.  Mainly for two reasons, other than the obvious (taste).  One – it’s a really good deal and Two – I like how they try to make each roll (scallop, salmon and tuna) distinctly different, using different textures and sauces. 

But I’m starting to feel bored.  And this is in no way Ajisai’s fault.  I notice the same trend with most of my favorite places  ><  But at least it means that they are consistent with their food ^^

Tip of the day:  do not attempt to eat Ajisai take-out in your car… 

Their take-out boxes are the flimsy type and they give soy sauce containers rather than packets which means… easy spillage ><

Likelihood of revisiting: 80% (It’s dropped down from it’s orig. 100% I know …)
Culinary mindset: Great place to bring out-of-towners ^^  Good party tray selection for easy ordering – delish too! 

More sushi here

– C.Herb –
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