And the Paranoia Begins…

As I was browsing through some food blogs, I found some bad news…

… I’m sensing a phobia in the making ><

My parents own a restaurant, so I know it’s tough to be 100% within regulatory standards ALL the time, especially when it comes to non-food-related clutter.  But rodents and insects are a major problem that I don’t think it should be tolerated.  I had spoken to a VCH food inspector, following up on my New Town Bakery incident and was slightly appalled to how calm her attitude towards the situation was.  I’m sure the shock value has died down given her profession, but finding multiple areas of cockroach infestation in a restaurant located in Chinatown is a bit much.  Not to mention in the FOOD ><

After a quick check of VCH’s website, I am sad to say that most of my favorite restaurants have foodsafe issues and about 30% are dealing with rodents (or at least their droppings…) o.O

…I is sad….

– C.Herb –

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4 thoughts on “And the Paranoia Begins…

    • Well to be more specific, it was in between my bun and that sheet of wax(?) paper that’s at the bottom. But it was steamed right into it. The worse part was I didn’t notice it until AFTER I ate the bun because I was paying attention to the TV. Then I looked down and was “WHAT. IS. THAT. ?” before freaking out, downing some vodka (kill bacteria right?) and throwing up. I had my fiancé take pictures so if I really wanted to know if I ate a leg or something I could, but I’m going to assume that the cockroach was still intact – for my own sake.
      Either way, having eaten the bun that it was steamed together with is still pretty nasty in my opinion ><

  1. After reading your comment… my jaw dropped! a cockroach!! O_O That’s gross… I love eating the steamed buns there! Now if I do head back, I may have to tear the bun apart to look around before hand =\

    • I wonder if they do any baking at their other location? I think it’s on Cambie but I’ve never been. I agree, the steamed buns are pretty tasty but they seem to have ongoing issues in terms of cleanliness ><
      They had the best egg tarts too! ~bah!~

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