Au Wing Kee

Au Wing Kee is a great economical alternative if you are treating large groups of people. For $103 (b4 tax) you get to choose 8 dishes from a list of ~30 dishes and it also comes with soup, dessert, up to 3 pots of rice and one whole chicken.

Winter melon, carrot, pork bone soup

Free chicken

Sweet and sour shrimp (shell could be crunchier but at least it wasn’t overcooked ^^)

Satay beef vermicelli hot pot (not spicy at all and vermicelli was a bit overcooked…)

Salt and pepper fish – I really like this one

Sweet and sour pork chops – very crunchy but the pork chops were more fat than meat

Green beans and diced… Beef? Pork? Lol~ unfortunately the beans were floppy rather than crunchy

Chinese broccoli and 3 kinds of seafood – no complaints here

Sth sth tofu – tho I’m pretty sure it’s steamed egg… Not quite tofu … But another one of my favorites ^^

Crispy bean curd sheets w. Broccoli – nice and crisp ^^

Sago coconut dessert with … Carrot bits?!? O.o the carrots were odd for sure … Avg dessert …

Overall, an enjoyable meal. Flavor wise everything was as you would expect it to be and was fresh (i.e. no sitting around b4 being served). We had 15 people in total, so two tables of 7 and 8. To keep things simple, both tables ordered the same dishes and had quite a bit of leftovers ^^

Likelihood of revisiting: 80%
culinary mindset: family gatherings

*we also noticed a lot of king crab meals tonight and they looked pretty tasty*

– C.Herb –
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