Cajun Shrimp Pasta & Paprika Roasted Brussel Sprouts *update w. recipe*

Cajun Shrimp Pasta w. Paprika Roasted Brussel Sprouts and a side of romaine.

A simple recipe.  Toss your washed and halved brussel sprouts in olive oil, salt, pepper and any seasoning you like – I used paprika, sometimes with a little cumin in the mix ^^  Turn your oven to 400 degrees – let it roast for 10 min, toss it around a little, another 10 min, move it about again and leave it in there for one final 10 minute interval.  The outer leaves were very much like kale ^^

For the pasta, just reverse the process.  Cook to al dente and toss in a mix of olive oil, salt and pepper.  The key is (1) do not rinse your pasta and (2) the amount of salt.  Too little and it’s bland too much and it’s way too salty.  The perfect amount of salt makes this simple pasta shine ^^  If you want to give it a bit more of an edge, flavor the water you cook it in ^^

The romaine and the shrimps were simply blanched in vegetable stock with cajun power. 

SO simple no?  But also very dangerous ^^ This is the type of pasta that you go for seconds and thirds without feeling “heavy”…

– C.Herb –
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