Point Zero Lounge

Amateurish taste and feel but a HUGE improvement from our experience at the eatery.

We had decided on the Titanic Platter (red dragon, orange crush roll, chopped scallop, spicy tuna and 5 pieces of nigiri sushi) which is a pretty good amount of sushi for the price tag.

Red Dragon – essentially tempura’s aeel and avocado on top of a cali roll

Crush Roll – basically a philly roll with a twist – rearranged with cali and asparagus and topped w. mayo.

Whenever I “order” Unagi, its the first thing I try – even before mixing my soya sauce. One of my pet peeves is cold coagulated eel fat so the it’s almost a litmus test to see how much effort a restaurant us willing to put into one piece of sushi.

This one was … Interesting lol! First off the eel to rice ratio was wrong and so was the rice. Not horribly so, just noticeably so. The eel had a char-broiled look to it that was fresh but the temperature was slightly warm, border-lining room temp.

It was the same for the tempura’d eel …

But the tempura’d avocado was a nice touch ^^ – out of all the rolls this one was my fav. but still avg.

My least fav was the spicy tuna.. flavor and texture was just way off… Scallop and philly rolls were fairly avg.

For the rest of the nigiri – I’ll have to quote Carn.H

Shrimp: not bad
Hamachi: plastic-ky tasting (think nestle water)
Sock-eye Salmon: avg/alright
Tuna: weird taste… self taught oddness

You can really tell the quality of rice with the nigiri because a large chunk of bland ever so slightly hard rice really stands out in this situation.

(gotta love groupon type deals when trying out new restaurants)

If you wanna keep your man distracted, there’s two big screens located on one side of the wall as well LOL!

In terms of service, it was pretty good for the most part… we were checked upon quite often and she refilled our water without asking.  The downfall was when she packed up our sushi.  Rather than using two hands – one for food and one for dirty dishes, she decided to pile on all the dirty dishes and used paper onto the same platter dish that the sushi was served on – WITH the leftover sushi.  How smart is that?  Then to top it off, she flops my social shopper coupon right on top of my food.  YUM!

likelihood of revisiting: 33% if we’re in a drinking mood
culinary mindset: they named it a lounge for a reason lol~

For sushi elsewhere click here

– C.Herb –
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Location:Granville St,Vancouver,Canada


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