How to Blog w. Your IPhone

*In response to Ben (from Chowtimes)’s request – I hope this helps and isn’t overly convoluted/tedious LOL! *

Blogging? Why use your iPhone?

Convenience. Well, that’s my reason anyway. After looking at the available apps, blogpress seemed like the best choice and so far, it has served me well. Even at this very moment I’m typing as I walk though waterfront station.

After initial set-up the app will automatically open up to a new post – or – your last unfinished post.

When you click on the white space (where you type) – the save icon/button changes to  “</>” for simple HTML font selection

And to the far right the little camera icon lets you insert images.

You can either take a new pic by choosing the “camera” option or use a pre-existing image from your iPhone by selecting “media library”

I found that photos taken with the camera option has its issues when after uploading so I always use the media library option.

Or in other words, my iPhone camera roll.

Simply choose the image you would like to insert and it will show up in your text box like so:

If you tap on you image you have the following options:

I find that it is easier to post all images first before filling in your text because (1) it’s less “tapping” around and (2) let’s you visualize the flow of the post.  Also, a posted image does not leave any space between the image and your sig so you can shave off a bit of time by posting your last image first and adding additional images “above” it rather than trying to click the sweet spot between the image and the sig and hitting “enter”

When you are satisfied with your post tap “done” on the upper left then tap “save” on the upper right. You then have the following selection…

ALWAYS save a local draft – like all apps blogpress has the tendency to spaz and discard data. An online draft is useful if you want to make computer based changes to your post before publishing.

When you are ready to publish, simply hit “publish now” and wait. How long you wait depends on your connection and # of image attachments. Usually no more than 30 sec for a small post and maybe up to 2 min for a large post ><

I try my best to post in “real time” so I tend to publish first and make changes later (adding info, linking info, tagging, etc.)

Local drafts can be accessed and edited in “manage” tab

And the same applies to online drafts and published posts

Social media and the like is managed in the settings tab (I think the pics are pretty self-explanatory):

A Comparison:

Pro’s: Blogpress has an easy to use interface, ability to save multiple local posts (drafts) to be published at a later time, the ability to edit drafts and published posts and most importantly, images are visible in the draft (not as html) so it’s easier to go back and type in text or edit pre-existing posts.  *supports multiple blog sites, not just wordpress*

Con’s: You cannot access your “pages” or your comments.  Because of the limitations of the iPhone screen, it is hard to customize the overall “look” of your post.  And probably the most annoying glitch is having to constantly re-log-in to my facebook account when posting.  I supposed I could just turn off that feature lol~

WordPress iPhone App

Pro’s: Much faster “publishing” speed than Blogpress and the ability to check comments, edit pages, add tags and customize “categories” – definitely a convenience.

Con’s: Images are much smaller in the camera roll page, “preview” is a nice touch but it is unfortunate that the posting screen is only available in html format.  I like to post all my images first then add in text so this makes it hard for me to “fill in the blanks” as a manner of speaking.

Posterous (does not link to pre-existing blogs)

Pro: The Facebook of Blogs?  To be completely honest, I haven’t tried it out enough to comment but it’s fairly simple to use and after getting used to the website’s interface (not the App but – I kind of like it’s simplicity – might be a good option for people who have yet to start a blog?)

Cons: Cannot view inserted images and kicks you out of the App when “publishing” so you need to re-log-in and before officially publishing a post… REALLY annoying

– C.Herb –
Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone (( _ _ ))..zzzZZ


3 thoughts on “How to Blog w. Your IPhone

  1. Thanks a lot C.Herb. You posted more info than I expected!! I like HTML selection (which WP App does not have) and better image control. WP App is very basic as you know. Ben

  2. LOL~ Was it helpful? I might have went overboard since I just found out how to do screenshots on the iPhone ^^ To be honest, I found out more about the App posting about it then using it! You can actually tag and categorize in BlogPress as well – you just need to select the little italized “i” icon next to the “Title” slot ^^

    I don’t really mind html or not since I can always edit my post later (on the computer) but I think the image control is pretty important since the iPhone screen is already limited in size. ^^

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