Kalvin’s Szechuan Restaurant

Once you enter the restaurant, it’s pretty much a human jigsaw puzzle. there is hardly any room to spare and a constant rearrangement of customers waiting for their tables. A very disorganized “dance” if you will.

Given the short business hours and the full house, I expected the food to be much better than what was served. We started off with a beef roll which is essentially an onion pancake rolled with slices of beef and hoisin sauce. The pancake was a bit of a disappointment because it wasn’t flaky whatsoever. It was slightly warm and not very crisp. Over all, the beef roll had a mild flavor that grew on you – so – it was still a nice snack even if it didn’t match my expectations.

Next we were served the “xiao long bao” – or in another words – Shanghai dumplings. These were just mediocre as well. The skin wasn’t especially thin but not overly thick either. The biggest letdown was the meat in the center because it wasn’t juicy and was essentially just a dense pork meat ball with a small amount of soup.

Red fermented deep fried pork this was a unique that we were trying for the first time. Carn.H thought it was very similar to drunken chicken in flavor and I felt the texture was akin to well marinated (so not dry) pork chops that have been overly deep fried. It was one of Carn.H’s favorite of the night but it was just ok for me – then again – my first bite was all fat.

Some sort of noodle soup – I was a little too busy catching up with C so I wasn’t paying much attention to what we were ordering lol! Not very good… The beef was way overcooked, dry and flavorless. The texture of the noodle was interestingly mushy yet firm – so sort of a slimy exterior. The soup was forgettable.

Lastly, we had the 3 spice chicken in a clay pot – my fav of the night. The chicken had been chopped and lightly deep fried before being coated in a flavorful sticky sauce. It was different from what I’m used to and I liked it.

Likelihood of Revisiting: 15% – some of the other items looked intriguing (the pre-order section) but not too much of a draw
Culinary Mindset: not worth the hype but not a bad meal

– C.Herb –
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