Peaceful Restaurant (Davie)

After some hot yoga we were ready for some food. We’ve been to the original location on Broadway before and loved their beef rolls. So after the not-so-satisfying beef roll at Kalvin’s I wanted the real thing ^^

(ceiling decor ^^)

(spiffy new menu – are the prices higher?)

(high ceilings, open space along with everything being “new” gives this restaurant a much better ambiance than the original location)

(Dan Dan Mien)

(I totally forgot that this dish needs to be “tossed” before eating)

(so the first bowl was more like spicy noodle SOUP with hints of peanuty goodness lol!)

By the second bowl, Carn.H realized I was being a ‘tard – doesn’t happen often, but it did today. This version was much more peanut buttery and “jhang”-like. While the noodles were really fresh and tasty they didn’t have that “bounce” to it – almost there but not – unfortunately. But still better than most. The sauce was ok. I didn’t feel that the peanut and spice actually came together and it was more of a stinging spice than a flavor spice.

Beef Rolls ^^

SO many green onions/baby leeks? – while sweet I just don’t like the texture lol~ just a personal thing – the pancakes were flakier than Kalvin’s but still not as flaky as I would like. But the hits of crispness were A+ ^^

Our total came to $16 sth after tax.

Random menu shots:

likelihood of revisiting: 75% – now that it’s so close to my work LOL
culinary mindset:casual

– C.Herb –
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Location:Davie St,Vancouver,Canada


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