Almond Croissant @ Ganache Pattiserie

I’m already a fan of the cakes from Ganache Pattiserie but after hearing so much about their Almond Croissants I finally got a chance to try them ^^

Cafe au Lait – super mild, machine dependent “coffee”. Definitely not worth the $3… Basically luke-warm milk with a tinge of flavor ><

I was accidentally given the choco-croissant so of course I went back for the almond ^^

After tearing off a single piece I knew it was not what I was expecting from a croissant.

Rather than a buttery flakiness it a buttery soft thinly layered pastry – think a croissant that is right on the fence between cooked and uncooked

The croissant had been sliced open and filled with what I believe to be a buttery almond coconut spread akin to kaya (coconut jam) and/or the coconut filling in Chinese buns.

The top had a variety of textures that made everything work as a whole. Perfectly toasted almonds, hardened sugary glaze and a crunchy (chinese) Mexico bun topping (the white crunchy stuff LOL!)

Really tasty DESSERT ^^ a little on the sweet side but I do like the combination.  For$3.25 I thought it was a bit on the pricey side for a croissant but after seeing the complexity of it – coupled with the fact that it’s more of a danish than a croissant –  I’d say it’s a fair price ^^

likelihood of revisiting: 60% (after the wedding ^^)
culinary mindset: sweet tooth

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– C.Herb –
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