Tea Works (Victoria & 41st)

Restaurants chosen out of convenience never seem to work out well for us… After having dinner at Kalvin’s on Friday we headed over to Tea Works for bubble tea…

… there was only one 4 peraon table left and it was right in front of the entrance with the unclose-able mail slot – it was cold ><

M ordered an overly sweet milk tea with coconut jelly and “special sauce”. What is this “special sauce”? It’s a concoction made especially for customers who complain. *lol* j/k… I hope >< The look the waitress had when C informed her that the drink was too sweet and needed to be neutralized was priceless. But after some blank stares she (the waitress) took the drink back to the counter and another waitress brought over a diluted version.

Passion fruit green tea with coconut jelly. It was ok

Spicy Pork Ears … DO NOT ORDER THIS DISH… Rather than aiming for a nice crunchy snack Tea Works decided to go for a bland and crumbly mess. The flavor only came from the spicy oil coating indicating no marination had taken place. In terms of the texture, I can only assume the pig ears
have been around for a while… Oddly enough, Carn.H and M still polished it off – Σ(゚д゚lll)-despite their dislike – just cause it was there LOL!

C and I shared a lavender milk tea. This wasn’t bad but not something I’d order again. The lavender was subtle but we could definitely taste it. The little jar of sugar water/syrup they gave on the side wasn’t very sweet at all and made my tea taste watery weird…

But they gave a fair amount of tea leaves ^^

likelihood of revisiting: 0% while the drinks were ok I like to make sure my fat intake/$5 beverages are “worth the quota” (⌒-⌒; )
culinary mindset: a place to “hang out”

– C.Herb –
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