Boulangerie La Parisienne

Not having anything in particular appeal to me, I decided on an almond croissant for comparisons sake. <Ganache Patisserie’s Here>

*sighs* For $3.19 (after tax) it was money ill spent… She asked if I wanted it heated but rather than a nice crisp hot pastry I ended up with a slightly warm “soggy” one… Not wet soggy but glutenous soggy…

The inside was filled with a strip of sweet custard and the same custard was used to attach the almond flakes on top. Because the almond were attached after baking, they were more pliable than crunchy… The croissant was more breadlike than flakey and had an odd salty flavor. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t freshly baked today either (T ^ T)

So all in all, not a good croissant or a dessert ><

likelihood of revisiting: 0%
culinary mindset: cute little cafe but avoid the croissants!

For bakeries elsewhere, click here

– C.Herb –
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