Modern Cafe and Bakery

Fig or olive? According to Carn.H the pitiless olive tasting fig like being was amazing. Though there was only one. But as $2 add on (to the focaccia) this salad was really good – albeit a little on the oily side. Packed full of goodies like spinach, carrots, peppers, chick peas and pine nuts.

Baked mini focaccia – perfectly crisp cheese. Good but not the best. The texture was a bit off like warmed-by-microwave-chewiness but given that we weren’t watching we can’t be sure.

*Mmm…* one of the BEST pastries I’ve had in a while. The pie crust edging was absolutely delish! and a bit different from any I’ve eaten before. My only complaint is the use of canned fruit with fresh strawberries and apples but given the season, the amount used and the flavor, i guess they are forgiven ^^

Looks almost Italian donut-y doesn’t it?

Chocolate Implosion – $3.75~
basically a huge brownie(4″x4″) topped with 2mm of fudge-like choco then drizzled with milk chocolate and decorated with two hazelnut choco swirls and powdered with icing sugar.

Need I say more? *yum* ‘cept … I’ll have to say my cheesecake brownies are much yummy-er
☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Oh. Before I forget, it’s meant to be heated up and topped with fresh whip cream before serving! I got a pretty weird look for getting it cold w/out whip lol~

The second best part of the meal? everything only came to $13.60~ *sweetness!*

likelihood of revisiting: 100%
culinary mindset: calorific goodness 

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– C.Herb –
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