Daily Fresh Farm Market (Kingsway)

Located on Kingway and somewhere between Clark/Knight and Fraser, I was already pretty happy when this supermarket opened up last summer because it meant fresh Asian veggies, within walking distance. There’s actually two more markets on the way but I find the quality to be hit and miss.

Not wanting to seem like competition sneaking pics, I decided not to take pictures of their newly stocked shelves and rearranged space.

They have more products now and quite a large variety of snacks, noodles, soup ingredients and the like, in addition to their fresh fruits and vegetables.

This caught my eye from the snack aisle:

Pastry Cookies! I’ve never tried this particular brand or type before so I was pretty excited ^^

The smaller, round ones were “free gifts” according to the packaging.

The larger abalone cookie was savory and reminded me of “pig oil” cookies with a sort of green onion pancake “fragrance”. I really liked how the pastry was still very flaky like and the spices were well conceived. This isn’t really my type of snack in terms of flavor but I would eat it (once in a while ^^) Carn.H quite liked it.

The “free gift” was very much like a butter version of coconut macaroons. This was a sweet pastry and quite tasty.

My only complaint, as someone who should be dieting for her wedding that is, is the heavy feel of each bite.

Rice rolls were fairly fresh so we picked up a pack for dinner.
Simply crisped in a frying pan …

They pair well with a peanut chili sauce, chili soya sauce or just plain soya sauce. My childhood fav. was with Maggi but we didn’t have any ><

– C.Herb –
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