MammaHerb’s Bento

Road Trip #2 – Calgary to Vancouver …
… with a trunk full of goodies from PapaHerb – frozen and portioned out, yummy-licious food, fresh out of PapaHerb’s kitchen

MammaHerb supplied us her signature style “bento” or lunch box (literally, a box LOL):

Complete with…
… two containers of Salmon Potato Salad – with pear and egg – refreshing and protein packed! Wished Carn.H’s car came equipped with black pepper ><

Two containers of nutritious Chinese “choy gon” soup (dried veggie – bok choy methinks) – mmm… Homemade soup – in the midst of “not spilling” I forgot to take a pic o.0

Two bags of oranges ^^

A Chinese Yellow Sugar Pudding

And two egg tarts.

The egg tarts and pudding were from my fav. bakery for egg tarts in Calgary. I picked them up the day before in Chinatown, but didn’t get a chance to eat them the day of >< I don't actually remember the name but my family already knows where when I say I say I want egg tarts lol~

The bakery is located in the HSBC building, same as my fav bubble tea spot – Try Again.

They weren't as tasty being a day old but the pudding held up well.

The pudding cups here never change in taste and flavor so you always know what you get. A little on the sweet side and solidy soft – the yellow sugar is a little more unique than it’s white sugar counterpart. Red beans variants are available as well.

The last item in the MommaHerb Bento Box was a bag of snacks: Strawberry Pocky, Korean Seaweed Packets and a box of Ferrero Rocher.

The Ferrero Rocher was a variety pack of Original, Coconut and Dark Chocolate ^^

The Coconut had a nice creamy inside and a crisp exterior. Crispier than the other two but also messier to open with an oddly sealed packaging.

The Dark Chocolate was my favorite with mini rice crispy like
Pebblets and a dark choco nougat
(pic to come – phone died ><)

Original – needs no explanation ^^

And that concludes MommaHerb’s Bento.

There was a bit of food left from the trip so it was repackaged for my lunch *yay*

– C.Herb –
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