Sun Chui Kee

Saturday Brunch – Calgary

HK style cafes are always busy during weekend mornings in Calgary – and most are owned by the same person!

But Sun Chui Kee is always packed, their location on Center St and pretty much 16th Ave makes it a central meeting spot with parking so you’re bound to run into a few people there.

E and V both ordered the “A-chan” while Carn.H got “D-chan” and I ordered “C-Chan” I wanted the fresh tomato soup breakfast but they didn’t have any ><

We had no idea whose was whose b/c they all looked the same!

‘cept for Carn.H’s…

Garlic Toast – I don’t have a pic up but V&E asked for no butter on their garlic toast, so they were served two slices (one each) of cold, un-toasted bread.  yum?

Scrambled Egg with “milk” – can’t really say much about this one… V thinks they microwave their eggs and I’m quite inclined to believe it.

Waffles – one was coated w condensed milk and the other, the peanut sauce from “zha leung” – It’s quite apparent that they used eggo waffles, but at least they were toasted, unlike the one at Angel Cake Cafe (Vancouver)

It was funny because none of the egg variants looked any different from each other ‘cept mine was thicker.. what’s the point of labeling scramble vs fried when they all looked like ill-cooked omelette’s?

I’ll have to say the highlight was the milk tea and… everything else flopped ><
It was my first time having breakfast at Sun’s, so I’d have to say that the brunch/lunch/tea time menu is much better!  Speaking from a year or so ago, the baked spaghetti/rices, chinese donut wrapped in rice rolls and the wontons are quite good. From the BBQ side, the roasted duck would be my recommendation ^^

Likelihood of revisiting: 20% (as it is just one of those restaurants we grew up with – just not for Brekkie…)
Culinary mind set: HK cafe

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– C.Herb –
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