Samurai Sushi House (Cambie)

Carn.H had a strong hankering for sushi so we decided to try Samurai Sushi House on Cambie.

The bag was quite hefty, which meant one of two things – either a lot of rice or a lot of sushi ^^ we definitely hoped for the latter.

Carn.H decided on the assorted sushi which came with 1/2 a tuna maki, 1/2 kappa and 8 pieces of nigiri (tamago, ebi, tobiko, masago, surf clam, tuna, salmon and tai)

The fish didn’t look half bad – too bad the rice was over-vinegared an thus soggy. Quality wise, Yamato’s fish was better in taste and quality but the shrimp was quite nice.

I ordered the maki combo b. The house roll was HUGE!

While it was impressive in terms of size, it was an epic fail in terms of taste, texture and quality. The spicy tuna was not spicy at all and seemed to be comprised of odds and ends. The crab meat was of the cheap variety and was not enjoyable. The fish were of a warm soft/solid consistency and tasted neither fresh or especially old. And as mentioned before, the cm thick rice was soggy, almost mush like. They also didn’t bother to use enough seaweed to wrap around the entire roll.

One of my pet peeves is soggy rice and unfortunately the flavor balance was off too. My one hope is that it will qualify for good day old sushi (when the rice hardens in the fridge overnight).

Culinary Mindset: feeding the masses
Likelihood of Revisiting: 0%

For Japanese elsewhere, click here

On the plus side, it’s starting to look amazing out ^^

– C.Herb –
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