PapaHerb’s Rations

Every time I go to Calgary, PapaHerb prepares food packages for me to bring back. The first time was drunken chicken, then steamed pork belly with taro and then drunken chicken wings and marinated shitake mushrooms.
unfortunately, the drunken chicken wings never made it back >< Carn.H was SO sad. What happened was, the airport was backed up b/c they closed two of the gates for renovation makin the security line up a 45 minute wait. That coupled with the fact I arrived a littler later than I wanted to, I couldn’t check in any of my bags… at least I still got on the plane at the very last minute!!

Anyways, enough ranting. On to the food! Deliciously soft, melt in your mouth, braised beef brisket. *drools* because our fridge was still empty at the time so I added some marinated mushrooms for “veggie” – the combo of flavors went together quite well ^^

The leftovers went well with quinoa as well. Because of the glutenous sauce, the quinoa had a sticky rice type of flair.

☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

– C.Herb –
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