Open for almost a week, this small fast food joint is in need of some advertisement. We ordered 3 combos and since they are offering no tax everything came to a great price, just under $19

M ordered the Korean Spicy Chicken Combo with greens and a pop.

Carn.H and I decided to share a korean spicy chicken as well as a lemongrass chicken burger. He chose yam fries and pop for his combo choices and I chose yam fries (how could I pass this up?) and OJ.

The lemongrass chicken had a really good flavor but was a little dry.

The korean spicy burger was very moist but the crunchy exterior, topped with a spicy mayo, didn’t stay crisp for long. Both burgers came with shredded cabbage and carrots.

If I were to give them one suggestion for the burgers, it would be to toast the burger buns – that way they would not became soggy/mushy so quickly.

Fries – the portion was a little small but given the higher cost of yams – ok. They were crisp and freshly fried but I really wish they were thicker cut or at least baked rather than fried. The thin almost julienned cuts absorbed quite a bit of oil but other than that they are a nice snack.

The salad looked very fresh and they have 5 or 6 dressings to choose from. It was a pretty good portion too.

Likelihood of revisiting: 70% if I was in the area
Culinary mindset: a healthier twist on fast food

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Menu close-ups:

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Beentoo Sandwich & BBQ on Urbanspoon

Location:Seymour St,Vancouver,Canada


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