Gyoza King (Robson)

After Been Too, we headed over to Robson St to hunt for caffeine. Carn.H suggested WE since he’d been there once before and remembers the coffee being pretty good. It was insanely busy when we got there and we soon found out that someone was hosting some sort of gathering, so we kept on walking.

M built up a quick appetite and craved gyoza (Japanese dumplings) the moment he saw Gyoza King’s sign board. So in we went.

Post-burgers with coffee on our minds we went in intending for a quick snack.

Carn.H ordered an Asahi (L) – $8 – to share with M

And M ordered the shrimp and chive gyoza – you can order either 6pcs or 10

They had a nice color and the thin skin was crisped nicely.

The shrimp was marinated, had a nice crunch and distinguished the gyoza from most others. I liked it ^^

Not wanting to sit there with only a water in hand, I decided to try their hokke. We had a feeling it wasn’t the one we were searching for, but for $7 it didn’t hurt to try. It wasn’t as full of fish oils as we had hoped but it was not bad and was executed well. The one turn-off was the dry, very old looking, grated radish on the side.

As I slowly picked at my fish, M started craving takoyaki ($4 for 4 pieces)

It was hot! Heat hot, not spice hot. While not the best takoyaki, the outside was nice and crisp. There was nothing particularly wrong with it, just lacking in flavor and ingredients.

Likelihood of revisiting: 50% – just depends on our mood ^^
Culinary Mindset: Beer and Sides ^^ – Oden!!

For Japanese elsewhere, click here

– C.Herb –
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