Milk Tea Way (Robson)

Recently changing owners in March, we were helped out by a polite, Chinese, part-owner of the establishment.

They have a special promo at the moment – any 2 large drinks are buy one get one and any small green tea or black tea is only $1.

Passionfruit Black Tea – a good amount of sweetness and tasted like juice and black tea just as advertised ^^ Nothing out of the ordinary, just a good tea ^^

Taro Milk Tea – I asked them if they use real fruit but they only use fruit juices which is a better answer than powder LOL! I opted for taro as it’s my fav non-fruit drink. It was very creamy and tasted like taro ice-cream but with a balanced sweetness for it’s drink form.

Both drinks came to $4.30 or so so that’s a pretty good price! Only until May 10th!

Likelihood of Revisiting: 60% (but only if I was already in the area)
Culinary Mindset: drink/snack/mini meal

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– C.Herb –
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Milktea Way on Urbanspoon

Location:W Georgia St,Vancouver,Canada


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