Ma Dang Coul (Denman)

We don’t usually venture over to Robson after work but b/c M was in town for work we decided to meet up for dinner and drinks. We stopped off at Milk Tea Way to burn some time as we waited for him to finish up. Just as we got our drinks he called to say he can’t make it out



( ̄ー ̄)

Ok fine. Lol~ not his fault but time is precious b4 the wedding. Ahahaha~ …

Anyways, we decided on Ma Dang Coul for something quick, well priced and nutritious.

We’ve been here before and thought that their jigae’s (Korean stew) were by far the best and most authentic we’ve tried to date (in Vancouver).

As we were seated, I immediately noticed their daily specials – Wednesday night – gamjatang! *yum* – the best we’ve had was in a residential area by the university district in Seoul – too bad they were sold out ><

If you check out the reg. price the special price is very attractive.

So we ordered individual meals instead.

Banchans! Always varies per day and per restaurant so it’s always like a mini surprise LOL~
from the top left:
– waterchestnut jelly (bland – but I think it’s meant to be o.0)
– kimchi (not too acidic, Carn.H – the kimchi expert between the two of us – likes it ^^)

from the bottom left:
– lettuce and cucumber salad (not really authentic but nice, light and refreshing)
– sesame oiled sprouts (tasty)
– sweet glazed potatoes (I’m not a huge fan of potatoes that haven’t been deep fried but this one I liked! The way they cooked and marinated the flavor into the potato changed the texture so it was more smooth rather than powdery ^^)

Milky Beef Bone Stew w. Beef slices.

A fair amount of overcooked dry beef… The soup was ok but wasn’t as milky as it should have been, tasting slightly watered down… Not particularly impressed with this one ><

Seafood Noodle Soup – with onions, mushrooms, spinach, a shrimp, a mussel and squid

The thick noodles were really good! Bouncy, fresh and absorbed the soup flavor well. But maybe b/c I has just made Ramyun the night before the soup base was a little too familiar tasting LOL
The seafood was alright for the price – from frozen and overcooked – but not horrible tasting. However, they could have taken the effort to clean the poop out from the shrimp ><

On a side note: the girl who served us was pretty rude… She pretty much avoided giving service as much as she could and closer to the end she just didn’t care at all.  Carn.H was most upset when she just grabbed his credit card from him w/out saying thank you or anything at all for that matter ><

Likelihood of revisiting: 33%
Culinary Mindset: Korean Comfort Food

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– C.Herb –
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