Sushi Kimura

The last time we took M out for sushi (at the Eatery), it turned out to be an epic fail. So we decided to go to Kimura’s – due to all the positive comments I’ve read online.

Maybe it was b/c of the Canucks game but we were quite surprised the restaurant was only about 1/2 full the entire time we were there.

We were intrigued by the omakase but because M and Carn.H wanted nigiri above all else, the waitress suggested instead we give her a price point and the sushi chef will specially select an array of nigiri that matches that amount.
Because I’m not a fan of nigiri unless it’s ridiculously fresh, like tsukiji fish market fresh, I decided on the black cod special of the day (~$20), while they shared a $60 platter of sushi.

I think the waitress thought we were sharing everything so my meal came out really quickly while their sushi was being meticulously prepared.

Miso – sweet, white miso with shredded tofu puffs. This came out piping hot!

Tempura – came with 2shrimp, 1kobacha (Japanese pumpkin), 1carrot and 1yam. The shrimp was just undercooked and retained some of it’s translucency but I prefer this over to being overcooked, at least. The batter was fairly light and from the color you can tell they change their oil frequently. Definitely one of the better tempura’s I’ve had in a while.

Pickled veggies – simply made and refreshing.

Black cod – lightly marinated and cooked well. Nothing too outstanding, just another simple dish ^^

Sashimi – 2 slices of salmon and 3 slices of tuna – well chilled and fresh

Yakitori skewers – lightly marinated pieces of chicken and ground pork balls. Once again, executed perfectly but no oopmh.

For $20 I felt that my meal had quite a bit of variety and everything was cooked well. It’s a little hard to explain given that I don’t have much to complain about but it’s not something I would order again. Maybe it’s because it reminds me too much of a home cooked meal, flavors I’ve made myself. Or maybe because everything can out too fast for me to enjoy each element before it got cold.

The moment they’ve been waiting for! From top left to bottom right:

Salmon nigiri, then five pieces of gunkan sushi: Uni (sea urchin), tobiko (flying fish roe), oyster, masago (capelin roe) and ikura (salmon roe)

Maguro (red tuna), … , salmon belly, Atlantic salmon, …

Toro (tuna belly), surf clam, … , … , scallop, scallop

Live octopus, live octopus, Saba (mackerel), shrimp, flounder fin

Flounder, amaebi (sweet shrimp), amaebi, deep fried shrimp heads x2

(I’ll get Carn.H to fill in the blanks later and I apologize if I’ve mislabeled any since I didn’t eat any of the nigiri except for 2 LOL)

And two pieces of Unagi were served separately.


For $60, we were given quite the spread. I was, however, disappointed that they waited until all the pieces were made before serving. It’s not like we ordered a takeout platter where the optimal freshness of each piece isn’t important.

As mentioned earlier, I did try two pieces: one was the flounder fin. I was really hoping it to be similar to engawa, another fin type sushi (or to be more exact, the thin muscle of a halibut’s dorsal fin which is high in fat, soft and slightly chewy). It… was similar… but very distinctly different as well. There seems to be more fat in the flounder fin, therefore it was softer and did not have the same amount of crunchiness.

I also tried the Unagi which was tasty but I wish they had grilled it b4 serving or at least warmed it up in the toaster oven.

Interesting wall decor – push-up “v” cleavage among others lol~

likelihood of revisiting: 80%
culinary mindset: anything you want it to be. Their menu is pretty versatile so your could go for daily $10-$15 meals or extravagant $30-$50 omakaze’s

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Location:Windermere St,Vancouver,Canada


One thought on “Sushi Kimura

  1. hahaha. I intentionally go out to eat at the popular restaurants when there is a game night. Thats my dirty little secret 😉

    I gotta agree that their menu is quite versatile and if nothing is on their menu, you can ask them to make.

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