Starbucks Coconut Frappe’s

I’m a sucker for anything flavored coconut so when Starbucks started offering a coconut creme frappucino and a mocha coconut frappucino I was pretty psyched.

Mocha Coconut Frappe Light – no whip. (2 days ago) The mocha was pretty overpowering and had a bit of grittiness. Even light, it was still fairly sweet but nowhere as sickenly sweet as the regular version M had ordered. The coconut was subtle and the focus was definitely on the mocha.

Coconut Creme Frappe with a shot of espresso, no whip – from earlier today – this was way worse in terms of flavor and texture. I think it’s partly my own fault as the whip cream would have made it more milk shake like but instead it was an oddly flavored milk with ice bits and coconut syrup that was mixed in but not well enough.
Also the addition of expresso didn’t help – the flavor was not apparent except for certain hits of harsh bitterness ><
On the plus side, the roasted coconut topping had a great flavor ^^

Strawberries and Creme – 2 days ago – Carn.H – So sweet! Like, overly sickly sweet …

likelihood of reordering: 0%
culinary mindset: dessert in a cup

– C.Herb –
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