Swiss Bakery

After grabbing some coffee from Gene, J and I decided to take a short walk to Swiss Bakery.

The greenery is really popping up around the city ^^

I found out about this bakery about a year ago after reading about their pretzels in Vanmag’s 101 foods to eat in Vancouver b4 you die.

I remember them being good but not cravingly good. I also vaguely remember the technique they use to coat the dough b4 baking – it’s pretty interesting. I think there was a video a while back on it ^^ There were about 6 pretzels left when we arrived, but not wanting sth so carb heavy I opted for the last jumbo croissant remaining ($1.65). The last of the pretzels were picked up by the girls behind me.

Crunchy exterior, a light flakey interior and not overly buttery ^^ A good standard to stick by.

The Swiss rolls ($1) also looked really fresh so I picked one up for later but somewhere along the way I somehow dropped it >< I guess it's a sign for me to stay away from sweets…

… I wonder if someone is enjoying it as we speak?

likelihood of revisiting: 80% – the quiches looked amazing!
culinary mindset: lunch, snack, dessert

– C.Herb –
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