JJBean Apple Pumpkin Muffin

Forgetting my keys I was locked out of my office, so I did the one logical thing – go for coffee LOL~ I don’t usually go to JJBean during the mornings which also means I don’t usually have to stare at the gigantically moist muffins either. When I got there (around 9:15am or so) the muffin tins were full and what immediately caught my eye was their chocolate chip zucchini muffins. Having tried – and loved – that particular flavor I shifted my eyes to the left. Mmmmm apple pumpkin. That sounds tasty – not withstanding temptation I ordered one (^_^)☆

Mmmm crunchy toasted pumpkin seeds…

With a nice crunchy top embedded with apple chunks…

.. And raisins? Ew… So I went to confirm and the girl behind the counter said, with a very blank stare “they’re cranberries” – and that’s all she would say in response. Ok… Cranberries I’m fine with but they should list prominent ingredients on the description tag or at least be polite when answering a customers inquiries.

Anyways, back to the muffin – it’s huge! And only $2.40 ^^

But it was really annoying trying to peel the wrapper off as everything stuck to it.

I soon found the moist interior to be TOO moist – almost to the point of mush.

It has a nicely spiced flavor but after a while it’s sweetness really creeps up and leaves me feeling a bit nauseated ><

In the long run – is the muffin top worth the mushiness? … If you like bread pudding… Yes? If you want a muffin muffin… Maybe not.

And of course, my reason of being there – a latte – perhaps, due the sweetness of the muffin, or for whatever reason it’s quite bitter today… *sigh*

likelihood of revisiting: 20% (just not feeling it today ><)
culinary mindset: coffee stop

– C.Herb –
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