Spot Prawns!

After getting caught up in all the hype and buzz surrounding BC’s spot prawns season we finally
indulged in a shrimp filled dinner last night. Carn.H Had picked up 3lbs of spot prawns from Steveston’s Wharf.
☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Not having bought or cooked spot prawns before I quickly searched for some information on the net.

Aside from buying tips, I also learnt that the spot prawn heads have a particular enzyme that is released 2 hrs after they’re dead so it’s best to buy live (in water) or frozen at sea – unless you enjoy mushy flesh. Another way to avoid mushiness is the remove the head b4 the enzyme is released.

While there are a lot if great recipes out there we both agreed that steaming or boiling would be the best way to find out what this shrimp was all about.

I steamed our first batch on high for 2 min and these were perfect! We polished off the first batch before steaming the second for 2 min on low-to-med… these did not cook through and were mushy. After steaming them for a little bit more, the flesh was still not firming up but I knew they had to be cooked by that time. The flesh was definately cooked – and crumbly – I finally understood why there was so much caution about overcooking spot prawns on the i-net. After trying another batch (for 2 min on high) I was sure some of them had already mush-i-fied as the texture was no longer the same.

We then proceeded to boil the next two batches and noticed that the flesh was juicier than steaming but the natural sweet flavor of the shrimp wasn’t as concentrated.


Somewhere along the way, I figured out a great way to eat the eggs.

Simply pull the legs off and then suck them off (^∇^)

For the last third of the shrimps we decided to experiment. I had read, on one of the many sites I browsed, that dousing with boiling hot water and waiting 5 min would yield the perfect results.

It may look pretty but it was still pretty raw on the inside (♯`∧´)
Which was ok, i guess, since we were stuffed anyways.

Just in case, i had made an array of super simple sauces, that ended up being unnecessary for the shrimps but were great with the steamed shrimps’ eggs. (which were overcooked and a little “dry” – the boiled shrimps’ egg’s remained poppy and flavorful).

Home-made chili oil and soy sauce (the safe-bet ^^)

Miso and ponzu (a great combo ^^)

Gochujang and coconut soy milk (lacking depth but good for spice)

Thai red curry and coconut soy milk (more flavors than the straight forward gochujang but still lacking)

Tonight’s dinner:

I used the partially cooked shrimps in a pesto stir-fry served alongside a side of stir-fried quinoa with pesto egg and gai lan. The pesto and shrimp juices paired together quite well and was pretty tasty.

– C.Herb –
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