Hub (Yaletown)

Another friday lunch… since it was such a nice day out, our destination was determined by patio availability (with shade of course)

Lupe – watery and very un-martini like

Debating between a healthy light choice (seared tuna salad) or a more carb heavy burger I went with the Halibut Burger with yam fries. I just can’t say no to yam fries LOL~

Halibut Burger – the halibut had a great seared crisp exterior but the fish was overcooked, a bit on the dry side and overall a bit bland. I had to use the chipotle mayo to add a bit if moisture and flavor to the burger. ><

Yam Fries – just ok. They weren’t especially hot when I received them and the texture was more on the mushy side. The crispy coating was not bad. The chipotle mayo lacked depth and was a “just ok” accompaniment to the fries.

3/4 of the way through my fries I find a hair. Lovely. Not the most pleasant but these things happen. I informed the waitress as an FYI and in return, the manager came by to offer me a free drink to smooth things over. Nice perk for sure but I’d much rather have paid and NOT get a hair in my food – at least it wasn’t a cockroach.

Pomple – perfect if your into sour cough syrup type drinks… not quite my cup of tea.

To sum it up – martini’s ate not their strong point.

likelihood of revisiting: 0% (unless G or M suggests it first)
Culinary mindset: filling the belly

– C.Herb –
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