*updated* Scones! (Cobs Bread) and Toast Bruschetta ^^

Having found a coupon online for a free traditional loaf with a 6 scone purchase we headed off for Cobs on Main yesterday morning.

They just so happened to be promoting their scones so on top of the free loaf we saved $1 on our scones ^^

They had a few samples out and the poppy seed bun was really good! But with 6 scones and a loaf, any more and we would have to change our name to “Carbaholics”.
We sampled the mint chocolate which was really good – but sweet! So instead we decided on 2 cinnamon, 2 white chocolate berry and 2 apple butterscotch scones with a multi-grain traditional loaf.

Apple Butterscotch Scone – moist with small apple chunks and flavorfully sweet hits of butterscotch chips – the traditional pairing of flavors wasn’t overwhelming sweet and was our fav of the three ^^

White Chocolate Berry Scone – I had a love hate relationship with this one. Depending on the bite, I’d either get a strong sour edge from the jam-like berry or a sweet sweetness from the white chocolate. I liked the flavors but not so much the splotchy intensity.

Cinnamon Scone – Just as you’d expect it to taste. The flavors were more subtle and more scone-like.

Multi-grain Traditional Loaf – we quite liked this bread – it was packed with grains and the crust had a great crunch. The inside was soft and chewy.

It went interestingly with the roasted pork we picked up on the way home. A bit if an odd combo but tasted best with the crispy pork skin lol~

Curious of the calorie count I went on their website where they had a great suggestion for their mint chocolate chip scones. Ice Cream Scones!

*mmmmm….* the cinnamon spice worked great with the pralines and cream ice cream. So bad for the diet but great for the sweet tooth LOL~

Likelihood of revisiting: 100% (I don’t go often, but I do like 40% of the products ^^)
Culinary Mindset: snacks, mini meals, bread

Cobs Bread on Urbanspoon

For “dinner” tonight we decided to make toast bruschetta.

I flattened half of the toast with a spoon for a more “crustini” effect.

Then I proceeded to spread on 3 different flavors. From left to right: miso ponzu, pesto and toasted garlic in olive oil. I then topped each quarter with sautéed sweet onions and the opposite quarter with fresh diced tomato. Now it was ready to be toasted in the oven at 350 degrees F for 15min.

In the meantime, I tossed some tomato, olive oil, s&p and some pesto together. *yum* afterall, simple IS best ^^

Toasted Garlic Bruschetta – nice subtle garlic flavors. I preferred the pressed bread in this one.

Pesto Bruschetta – love the taste of roasted pesto! The non-flattened bread was better for this combo.

Miso-Ponzu Bruschetta – an interesting mix of flavors with a very Japanese spin on things (obviously). The ponzu gave it a great citrusy flavor.

We made another batch with pesto and this is a great way to use up bread ends ^^

and to compliment these tasty morsels – Strawberry Apple Rum Smoothies



With the last four slices of bread, I made French Toast flavored with leftover miso-ponzu sauce.

This bread is REALLY filling as French Toast and it’s heartiness makes it hard to take on other flavors. Toasted is better lol~

And of course Carn.H needs his meat ^^ Pan fried Western Family Sausages – only $2!

– C.Herb –
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