Crave on Main

Monday Night

With a groupon in hand, we decided Crave on Main would be the perfect end to the long weekend.

Since it was a fairly nice day we we were seating in the back patio – the greenery served as a nice backdrop ^^

They served their beer in a nicely chilled glass.

We started off with the Battered
Tuna Roll – this was my least favorite dish of the night. It tasted “ok” but I just didn’t see any point to their tweaks on a traditional tuna maki. I’ve had tempura’d sushi before and done right, it’s quite tasty. In this case, the batter wasn’t especially crispy and only served to make the seaweed soft. The tuna was marinated so it had a meaty texture that almost resembled steak. While it wad still raw the tuna tasted overcooked an they had coated the tuna with a thin layer or mayo which served little purpose. Even if it wasn’t overpriced at ~$11, this is not something I would order again.

Popcorn Shrimp – ~$11 – thinly battered and cooked perfectly this was a pretty solid dish. Nothing inspiring, just done right.

Burger – ~$11 – the foccacia they used for the bun was REALLY good. Seasoned perfectly, it had a great texture and remained crisp till the end. The patty was just alright. I thought it was lacking a bit of seasoning and was pretty average.

The fries reminded me of McDonalds. A good crunchy exterior and a disintegrated interior ^^

Shrimp Sandwich with avocado, tomato and lettuce – ~16 – Thr highlight of the night. Not exactly sure of the type, we assumed the lobster-like jumbo shrimps to be tiger prawns.

The shrimp was good perfectly.

Paired with a generous amount of avocado (I was a little disappointed they didn’t removed the darkened sections)

And a lovely crisp, thinly sliced bread. The lettuce was shredded and dressed with a ceasar type sauce.

While some dishes were better than others – a satisfying meal in the end ^^

likelihood of revisiting: 80% for the shrimp sandwich and 10% for everything else
Culinary mindset: gourmet pub food

– C.Herb –
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